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One way to realize this is by developing an unleaded alternative to the 100 octane low-lead aviation gasoline (avgas) that powers more than 167,000 piston-engine aircraft in the United States. AVGAS 100 LL, tax- free  Citations of this price in speeches or press reports must acknowledge Argus Media as source and describe the price as "Argus US Jet Fuel Index. Use How is Avgas produced? Most certified spark ignition piston engine aircraft are designed to operate solely on Avgas. Whether your requirement is a bulk delivery, drummed Avgas and Jet A1, Carnet cards, or aircraft lubricants Recharge Petroleum can provide you with Avgas Alternative . Please contact - George Hoskins - Z Energy on +64 9 297 7188 or 021 369 600 Data is submitted by registered FlightAware members on 2020-May-27 11:52AM. Swift Fuels is also rolling-out its new "FOREVER" Avgas STC certificate to all Avgas STC purchasers which entitles the holder to receive all future Avgas STC's issued by the FAA to Swift Fuels for specific aircraft and piston engines at no extra charge -- Forever! We require avgas 100 LL please quote your best price import location of avgas 100 LL is Dominican Republic looking for suppliers from China . Avgas 100Ll Import Data of India and Price SEAIR EXIM SOLUTIONS provides the latest, 100% genuine and trusted Indian import data of Avgas 100Ll. AvGas is of interest to motoring enthusiasts because of its availability, octane rating and low price compared to commercial race fuels. That's a significant cost for anyone, whether you're operating a helicopter, a small private aircraft or even a commercial airliner. 99. A complete list of standard fuel prices are on the DLA Energy website under Customer Resources:. 731: $2. The interesting point to me is that the Avweb price is the retail price at the pump, whereas our wholesale price is dramatically more! For example Avgas 100LL is colored blue, while Avgas 100 is colored green. 95! Fly now! Fuel up at possibly the lowest price we will likely see for a while! admin2020-06-05T20:49:45+00:00June 5th, 2020|  Home ›General Aviation ›Aviation Fuel Prices. Over 110,000 aircraft are already FAA-authorized to use the UL94 Avgas as a “drop-in ready” fuel. 00. Updated in real-time, with national average price for gasoline, current trends, and mapping tools. Airport or Zip code: Type(s) of Fuel: Jet A 100LL Avgas Mogas (auto). Apr 09, 2012 · Avgas: $10. Avgas is distinguished from mogas (motor gasoline), which is the everyday gasoline used in motor vehicles and some light aircraft. Fuel Sites Map Current July 2018. ELT : EURO per Liter. Explore Aviation Fuel Products Avgas. For comparison, the average price of gasoline in the world for this period is 1. avgas A 10-percent mixture of turbine fuel and 90-percent 82-octane avgas can lower the octane of the gasoline over two-octane numbers. WAW, Warszawa-Okęcie, 9,00. Swift UL94 is compliant with all ASTM D7547 avgas specifications and D4814 auto gasoline Jun 20, 2019 · Owners and operators of more than 167,000 piston-engine aircraft operating in the United States rely on aviation gasoline (avgas) to power their aircraft. 104 Apr 22, 2020 · In December, before oil prices hit the bottom of the barrel, the price of that same gallon of avgas in the same region was $5. UL91 can replace AVGAS 100LL in more and more engines, or you can use it in place of mogas (forecourt petrol) in aircraft specifically approved to use it. AvGas LL100 stands for "Low Lead 100 Octane". I was speaking to some Shell guys recently at YPAD and YPPF and they were of the opinion that Avgas should be around the same price, but no more than 10% dearer than 98PULP. That's why, here at Fuelworx, we  Pilots can view current aviation fuel prices for thousands of FBOs located at airports across the US. Raw refinery gasoline streams undergo specialist processes to produce the necessary high-octane components for this highly-refined narrow-cut aviation fuel. Керосин ТС-1. But avgas is a very low volume product with significantly different composition from automobile fuels. Type, Taxes, Price, Method of payment. 50 – $12. S. These vary from JET, turbo prop aircraft and lately Plus, avgas is priced on market-will-bear rules sometimes tagged to the rack price of premium mogas plus an additional margin. $151. For piston engine aircraft. 682, Goodwood (EGHR), Image. NEW DELHI: Jet fuel (ATF) prices have been slashed by a steep 23 per cent  Aviation Fuel. Local Fuel Prices Get local fuel prices near your airport. Dollar per liter. History of AVGAS Leading global supplier of jet fuels and avgas to airports and airlines, as well as private customers such flying clubs and corporate jet operators. Air RD Petroleum supply Avgas and Jet A-1 across the South Island of New Zealand. 78 (Inc VAT) PLEASE NOTE: Prices are subject to change without prior notice. This grade is listed in the same specifications as Avgas 100, namely ASTM D 910 and UK DEF STAN 91-90. Might be heading down South for a while. In the NE US avgas is shipped by barge to very few storage terminals. Alibaba offers 12 Avgas 100ll Suppliers, and Avgas 100ll Manufacturers, Distributors, Factories, Companies. 95! Fly now! Fuel up at possibly the lowest price we will likely see for a while! June 5th, 2020 | Weather. Avgas is fuel for piston-engine powered aircrafts. 439 : $2. We look forward to seeing you soon at one of our many TOTAL AVIATION fuel stations. 100LL AVGAS Non-Member price: £1. Find what you  As of June 1st, 2020 the following tariffs for fuel apply (Excise and 21% VAT included): Fuel prices at the pump: JET A1 = € 1,48 per liter; AVGAS 100 LL = € 2 ,41  Авиационный бензин AVGAS 100LL – это высокооктановая смесь углеводородов, приготовленная путем обработки неочищенной нефти. However, there is substantial difference in these prices among countries. Jet A-1 Price fluctuations are effective on Jet A1 Fuel Price; Published Fees & Charges; Opening Times; CIQ (Customs & Immigration) Requirements; Handling & FBO Services; Avgas . Strict specifications. TEL (Tetra-ethyl-lead) is added to raise the octane. 77, No. Last Updated: Nov 29, 2018 This buyer wants to receive quotations only from Premium Members. With dedicated storage facilities and a highly competitive and efficient delivery service throughout the UK and Ireland, Harvest Aviation has gained a reputation for flexibility and efficiency. For an up-to-date costing on Avgas, it is worth contacting a supplier directly for their latest price on the day. , we can make some conclusions from the information here. We not only meet but surpass stringent international standards for aviation gasoline production to guarantee flight safety, high product quality and a long shelf life. On a regional basis,  Pertamina Posting Price Avgas Price. $3. "100 " is the octane number and "LL" stands for Low Lead content. FBOs, FBOs, Avg, Min, Max, FBOs, Avg, Min, Max, FBOs, Avg   100LL. Check KGTU fuel prices at Phillips 66 Aviation is among the largest refiners in the United States and a major supplier of jet fuel and AVgas to private, commercial and military aviation. $\endgroup$ – Jan Hudec Oct 14 '14 at 7:02 Head Office : Pelita Air Office, A Building - 2nd Floor Jalan Abdul Muis No. VAT   In an era when the cost of flying has inflated to ridiculously high levels, Auto Fuel The price difference between auto fuel (mogas) and aviation fuel (avgas) is  This article discusses the taxes, how to compute the selling price for retail sales tax and business and occupation (B&O) tax, and applicable exemptions from  Our friendly FBO personnel are on duty from 7 a. See the benefits of an Air BP RD Petroleum Carnet card. авиабензин Б-91/115, авиабензин Avgas 100LL, бензин АИ-95, моторное Цена. Background: In 1976 under the US Clean Air Act, lead was identified by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as a major pollutant and subsequent action was taken to "get the lead out". Avgas 100LL is dyed blue. 70, + 5%. 2020 19:34] View on maps: 1. Autogas vs. 48. Shell fuel truck   2 Jan 2020 Within Europe, for reasons of cost and environmental concerns, there is a move away from AVGAS to jet fuel with more and more light aircraft  Dublin Weston Airport has its own dedicated onsite JET A1 / AVGAS 100 LL Fuel Farm. And TEL is extremely toxic and requires specialized handling. A primary benefit of NextGen is a cleaner environment. Avgas price range? If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. 58 / Monday, March 26, 2012 / Rules and Regulations 01/22/2014 EN (English US) 2/21 H372 - Causes damage to organs (lung/respiratory system) through prolonged or repeated exposure H401 - Toxic to aquatic life H411 - Toxic to aquatic life with long lasting effects AVGAS Sealed 200L Drum - R4822 . 12 month history. incl. Discounted Self Service Avgas (100LL) is available at two pumps at the Airport Terminal. In Europe, environmental and cost considerations have led to increasing numbers of aircraft being fitted with fuel-efficient diesel engines that run on jet fuel. com is a pilot's information service with a continuously updated nationwide airport directory with aviation fuel prices including 100 Low Lead and Jet-A, hotels, ground transportation, airport services and more. 01 per litre Fuel Price: Call. There is still up to 0. Each FOREVER Avgas STC Certificate holder will receive private instructions to register their aircraft and engine in Swift Fuels’ database. 7% VAT. 464: $2. avgas. 65p/litre plus VAT in the last seven days . We have earned the loyalty of our customers by creating value through the safe and reliable supply of quality aviation fuels. 95! Fly now! Fuel up at possibly the lowest price we will likely see for a while! (11-14 June 20) covering Somerset Airport and Bedminster. Additionally, 100LL (Avgas) is available 24/7 with a self-refueling system that accepts all major   20 Nov 2019 Contact: Henry J. 25 – $15. 28 Apr 2011 Considering the transportation cost of about US Cents 25 per litre, this type of aviation fuel ought to sell in Kampala or Entebbe at 2. For special prices, please contact us. restaurant closed monday's we serve quality phillips aviation fuels. 30 to $10. 07 per gallon, with prices ranging from $3. ✓ Fuel Prices: Avgas 100LL $4. The national average for 100LL was $5. You must register or login to edit FBO information. UK Avgas Price League Table #1641842. 430: $1. It’s Heaven on Earth. Methodology for Platts Jet Fuel price index. BCCL. This grade is the low lead version of Avgas 100. FUEL TYPES. 77 at the time of the original posting. 952: Week Ago Avg. 32 Australian Dollar on 09-Mar-2020. 08. Avgas fueling nozzles for overwing dispensing are painted red. The Avgas price in South Africa may change on a daily basis. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. In Tecumseh, MI regular auto unleaded went from $2. GasBuddy lets you search for Gas Prices by city, state, zip code, with listings for all cities in the USA and Canada. Z Energy Avgas & Jet A1. com is a pilot's information service with a continuously updated nationwide airport directory with aviation fuel prices including 100 Low Lead and Jet-A,  You do not need to be an AOPA member! Claim your right: Get your aviation fuel   AVGAS Posted Airport Price. AVGAS prices Taxed AVGAS=go for bio AVGAS with tax  Use our FBO locator to find FBOs, retail aviation fuel pricing, and see which locations offer contract fuel or loyalty programs. © Aviation Fuel Solutions Inc. It will help you in many ways such as you can generate competitive analysis reports on Importer, port, Supplier and Exporter of Avgas 100Ll. Fuelprice maps from you-fly price reports [Updated: 22. 2019 until  myinvoice Deutsch · myinvoice Italiano · myinvoice Español · myinvoice 中文. taf bikf 211933z 2121/2221 10015kt 9999 few021 sct050 tx15/2121z tn10/2208z becmg 2206/2208 16010kt -radz sct010 bkn018 ovc030 becmg 2212/2214 -shra sct020 bkn045 Avgas is usually only used in sports aircraft and small private aircrafts with older piston engines. Home. 49 per gallon, or twenty-three cents more per gallon. Aviation Fuel Pricespgdadmin 2020-02-07T15:33:47-05:00. 100LL Avgas, Jet A, Mogas (auto). For more information, please refer to the material safety data sheets for Avgas. 29 (Inc VAT) JET A-1 Sealed 200L Drum - R3 318. Monthly price chart and freely downloadable data for Jet Fuel. 18-20 October 2011. Call 0800 440   Aviation Fuel. This may be true, but if you want the most out of your engine and want to avoid problems, AvGas may not be your first choice. 06. " Any other use  1 Jun 2012 Composite Standard Price. 25 at my airport and they pump it for the same price as self serve. Want to talk to someone about your Avgas or JetA1 needs? Give us a call and we’ll take it from there. Swift Fuels cuts price of unleaded avgas STC Swift Fuels cuts price of unleaded avgas STC March 10, 2020 By AOPA ePublishing staff Swift Fuels is cutting the price of its unleaded avgas supplemental type certificate for piston aircraft as it works to replace 100-octane leaded aviation fuel with an unleaded alternative. Please Send Updates! Click on Column Headings to sort the table, ICAO code to change Reference Airport, or Airport Name for Airport Information. 01/01/  Monthly price chart and freely downloadable data for Jet Fuel. Fuel Prices: Avgas 100LL $3. Recharge Petroleum specialise in supplying aviation products to regional airstrips, pastoral stations, mustering, flight surveying, charter flight companies, and aircraft maintenance providers. Montreal. For us, our Avgas 100LL means quality. Avgas  3 May 2020 Aviation fuel price cut 23%, costs one-third of petrol, diesel. The following fuels are self-service, 24 hours a day air-side service, Monday through Friday 8 AM to 5 PM land-side service: Jet A: $3. 2017 IMHO it would be a worthwhile attempt to create such a list on euroGA, since my impression is that many contributors on this site are flying a lot around Europe. 431: $1. The Jet fuel prices do not include additive. 131: $2. 1), fuel charge (2) and VAT). As of this writing, according to AirNav. Avgas (aviation gasoline, also known as aviation spirit in the UK) is an aviation fuel used in spark-ignited internal-combustion engines to propel aircraft. Price Date Company Comments; EYKA KAUNAS INTL 100LL EUR 3. KTW, Katowice-Pyrzowice, 10,60. 05. Aviation Consultancy Services High quality jet fuel, industry-leading operational standards and a professional operations team: we know what you expect from your jet fuel supplier. IATA code, Airport, price in PLN / liter. AVGAS 100 LL, taxed, 2. m. 00 (Inc VAT) Yard Price (collected) - R11. Fair and 70 F at Somerville, Somerset Gasoline prices per liter, octane-95: We show prices for Australia from 09-Mar-2020 to 15-Jun-2020. All prices reported below are the most up-to-date retail prices per gallon at each of our FBO locations and include all taxes and fees and are considered “out the door” prices for your convenience in planning. Same station at Noon was $3. 6 month history. The above prices do not include CSO, DUTIES, VAT or . By Iceman - Tue Oct 02 Dec 14, 2010 · AVGAS prices have gone up since (I was lead to believe they would be falling - but that didn't seem to happen!) and todays Avweb price is $4. Although UL91 is not yet approved by the FAA, and is not available in the U. , located at the Los Alamos Airport (LAM) in Los Alamos its members with high quality aviation grade fuel (100LL) at competitive prices. 566 : $2. Aviation Gasoline Aviation gasoline, referred to as Avgas for short, is a high-octane leaded gasoline. 16 May 2019 China is planning to lower wholesale aviation fuel prices as early as July, part of Beijing's pledge to reduce business costs in a slowing  19 Sep 2016 Aviation Fuel Prices: Projected Increases and Possible Impacts to Aerospace. 20. Octane 101: Autogas vs. 07. 81, Thruxton (EGHO), Image. myinvoice · Customer portal · Price risk management · Sterling card. 734: $2. It meets the requirements of ASTM D910, Standard Specification for Aviation Gasolines and DEF STAN 91-90 (DERD 2485). $2. Contact IndianOil Aviation Service is a leading aviation fuel solution provider in India and the Price in metro(Rupees/Kl) for domestic airlines. It’s $4. Platts Jet Fuel Price Index is published by S&P Global Platts, reflecting its daily assessments of physical spot market Jet Fuel spot prices in the relevant regional centers. Latest fuel prices. Avgas is an aviation gasoline suitable for use in aircraft that have piston engines. 959: Yesterday Avg. Jet A and 100LL airport fuel prices for all FBOs at CYXE Avgas 100LL. The average value for Australia during that period was 1. Aircraft operating on leaded aviation gasoline (avgas) are used for many critical purposes,  Los Alamos Avgas, Inc. 00 (Inc VAT) Yard Price - R19. /литр. 56 per gallon; AVGAS 100  lower price to end-customer due to tax incentives AVGAS volumes produced critical to affordable. Leaded Avgas Safety Data Sheet according to Federal Register / Vol. Jun 05, 2020 · AVGAS Price $3. AVGAS 100LL. Jun 15, 2020 · Gasoline prices, liter, 15-Jun-2020 Gasoline prices, Octane-95 , 15-Jun-2020: The average price of gasoline around the world is 0. 65 Australian Dollar. 80 € per liter; JET A1 approx 1. AvGas, also known as Aviation Gasoline, is appealing to riders because of the high octane rating, low price (when compared to race gas), and its relative availability. 99 to $8. 65 last Friday to $3. Page  5 Apr 2020 PAP : Post Airfield Price. *prices do not include tax on luxury. AvGas might seem an obvious choice but closer study raises some doubt. 25. aircraft fuel. Avgas 100LL is a product blended in refineries which has a blue dye added. daily. Packaged Fuel price for International flight is only applicable for outbound flights from Indonesian Airports to overseas The Jet Fuel prince index provides weekly updates of the jet fuel price, price index, yearly price average and the impact on the fuel bill of the global airline  These are the latest fuel prices known for airfields. Find out more with our fuel safety data sheets , technical data sheets and product safety cards for Aviation fuels. Region Name Country Name Airport Code Airport Name Fuel Price Jet A1 (usd/usg) Europe: PORTUGAL: FAO: Faro: Europe: PORTUGAL: LIS: Lisbon: Europe: PORTUGAL: OPO: Oporto "Nadia Hill and Tribute Aviation Fuels have always done a great job in getting me my fuel at a low cost and always delivering when I need it, even in short notice and when I try to squeeze an order in before the price goes up. 45 per litre inclusive of VAT Date amended: 03 June  2020 amounts to PLN 1. 52-56 A Jakarta Pusat 10160 - Indonesia Phone : +62 21 3440069 Fax : +62 21 3440010 Avgas 100LL. 29, Cash / credit cards. 15 29-04-14 EYKS S. Many racers see Aviation Gasoline (AvGas) as a way to reduce the cost of their racing operation. 466: $2. 68 per gallon, with prices ranging from $1. Please call our friendly team next time you require aviation fuel at Bankstown in the southwestern Sydney Basin, Skyfuel operates the Air BP avgas site. 88. 10 30-04-14 No AVGAS available ICAO Region: GM; Airport Type Price Date Company Comments; GMME SALE INTL 100LL EUR 2. Jet fuel price developments - longer term perspective. These benefits make it out to be an obvious choice when looking for high octane performance, but some aspects would suggest otherwise. 62 per litre inclusive of VAT FAC Member price: £1. 55 руб. Whether your requirement is a bulk delivery, drummed Avgas and Jet A1, Carnet cards, or aircraft lubricants Recharge Petroleum can provide you with AVGAS Sealed 200L Drum - R4822 . BY John Boyce, Contributing Editor AVGAS 100LL: 2. it was only 6 or 7 years ago when AVGAS was only around 20 cents more than than the price of regular unleaded petrol at a city petrol station. AVGAS Price $3. Map shows Jet A fuel prices and 100LL fuel prices average on 6/22/2020 for NBAA regions. 38 – $8. 1 Mar 2020 The domestic price of aviation turbine fuel (ATF) dropped by around 10 per cent on Sunday but there was no word on domestic airlines cutting  Vivo Energy supplies Jet A1 & Avgas Jet Fuel through Vitol Aviation to major players of the Aviation Industry across Kenya. UL91: $10. New 82UL specification is an attempt to make piston aircraft fuel environmentally friendly, more affordable . 15 US Dollars  18 Oct 2011 prices is likely to result in more pronounced price instability for cereal grains. 27 per litre. Low lead is a relative term. $\begingroup$ Due to high price of avgas (JetA1 is not expensive) new designs are coming with compression-ignition engines that burn either automobile diesel, JetA/JetA1 or either. To help prevent the possibility of jet fuel being supplied to a piston engine aircraft, the nozzle of an Avgas fueller is limited to a maximum diameter of 40 mm (internationally) and 49 mm (United States). Price Phone: (202) 267-3883. A great product at a competitive price. Published price LHV, web ZL Mali Losinj Price: AVGAS 100LL approx 1. GIRENO 100LL EUR 2. Haven't flown this week and wandering how avgas price & availability is holding up. hey pilots!! don't forget the 10 cents per gallon avgas discount with your receipt for at least $10. 98 Australian Dollar on 04-May-2020 and a maximum of 1. And it’s quite a high margin for refineries. It has far less to do with the cost of production than does mogas. Find high quality Avgas 100ll Suppliers on Alibaba. AVGAS fuel: The price of AVGAS fuel is applicable from 23. The cost of oil has the potential to play a very large role in all of  Date, Price, Aerodrome, Image, Notes. Use the quick fuel price update form and update the price in a few seconds, or use the simple form on every UKGA airfield page to update prices & availability, or just send us the details and we'll update the airfield page. Jet A-1 Price fluctuations are effective on Gas Price Charts. Already have a feel for availability near the disaster area. to 9 p. Autogas (can be E0 or E10, price at gas stations, not airports): $8. 22 €/l , Stand: 03. Jet fuel is a type of aviation fuel designed for use in aircraft powered by gas-turbine engines. Avgas suppliers and airfields will not have one set price for 2020, with price adjustments possibly being made monthly, weekly, or even more frequently. com’s fuel report the average fuel price for Jet A was $4. Jet fuel price developments - impact of Euro/US$ exchange rate movements. fuel cards only for jet A1 GMMX MENARA A huge portion of the price is tax to support airports and aviation infrastructure. 81 per US Gallon / $1. Lead in avgas prevents damaging engine knock, or detonation, that can result in a sudden engine failure. They drive the truck to the hangar and bill it to my American Express card they keep on record. If you have a price for any airfield, please let us know. Our new AVGAS unleaded UL91, specially designed for Ultralight aircraft and endorsed by Rotax. Airport or Zip code: Type(s) of Fuel: Jet A 100LL Avgas Mogas (auto) Age of prices: About 100LL 100LL. 40 and the highest $9. Age of prices: All prices, regardless of age, Reported in the last 30 days, Reported in the   Summary of fuel prices at 3675 FBOs nationwide. 73, with the lowest reported price just $2. There AvGas is short for Aviation Gasoline. 79 per US Gallon / $1. 88, up from $4. 92. Going back a year from today, to take into account seasonal effects, the average price of avgas in the northeast was $5. Price in US Dollars per Gallon. There is no room for mistakes. GDN, Gdańsk- Rębiechowo  28 Apr 2020 The average nationwide price for 100LL avgas was $4. New EU Avgas reports (less than 12 months old) Avgas. Avgas at Cambridge has gone up by 11p per litre to £1. 717 Regular Mid-Grade Premium Diesel E85; Current Avg. Don’t expect to see $2 Avgas. Swift Fuels has just announced that the company has slashed the price of its UL94 Avgas STC to $100 for each piston aircraft. FOREVER Avgas STC This entitles the FOREVER Avgas STC Certificate holder to prepay for all Avgas STC’s that may be issued by the FAA to Swift Fuels in ONE simple purchase. View our airport locations, PAP and contacts on People, Prices, Places. Swift Fuel’s Unleaded UL94 Avgas is sold nationwide - priced competitively with 100LL and is expected to remain low subject to oil market volatility. 15 Australian Dollar with a minimum of 0. Our Current Fuel Prices: FUEL, Local, Duty Free. 03/02/2019, £1. JetA1, 0. All prices already include 7. These are the latest fuel prices known for airfields. com. 30 29-06-13 EYVI VILNIUS INTL 100LL EUR . 20/11/2018, £1. Авиабензин Б-91/115. " Avgas & Jet Fuel. Includes a searchable database which displays the location and price of aviation fuel at FBOs based on certain criteria such as proximity, promotions, contract fuel, AVTRIP promotions, AVTRIP points, and Avfuel branded dealer. Use the quick fuel price update form and update the price  Perth Airport Fuel Prices. Telephone: 1-502-456-3934 Fax: 1-502-456-3938 Toll Free: 1-888-236-4309 Contact Us Aviation Fuel Prices Average Aircraft Fuel Prices in the United States. next. 56 g/litre of lead in Avgas 100LL. Although price is always important, I cannot ever replace the service you provide to all of Maverick. Type, (£) Price, VAT. 67 per 1 litre (without excise duty (1. Valid until June 23rd 2020 Please refer to the chart below for the updated Jet-A and 100LL/AVGAS fuel prices for each of our Cutter Aviation FBO locations. Fuels. DARIAUS/S. To read more about the fuel, download its MSDS now. Prices, Sales Volumes & Stocks. 50 this evening. All EU Mogas prices 2. Mar 1st, 2002. AvGas is a good gasoline for low speed aircraft engines that run at 2700 to 2800 RPM at 10,000 feet or higher. 127: $2. Do you like to keep up-to-date with historical data for the national average on gas prices compared to where you live or are travelling to? With 10 years of data and a customizable chart, you can see and compare different areas across the US and Canada on GasBuddy. 1 € per liter  Referring Pages: Prices of Refiner Aviation Gasoline Sales to End Users · Refiner Retail Price of Aviation Gasoline · U. 72 руб. And it was about 17 years ago when AVGAS was about 6 to 7 cents/litre cheaper than regular Unleaded. The Future of 100LL Avgas. State Regular Mid-Grade Premium Diesel ; Alaska : $2. 60. One thing they specifically mentioned in coming to this conclusion was the lack of the fuel excise on Avgas. 00 from our great primo barone restaurant, open at eleven o'clock am local tuesday thru sunday. 39 06-06-18 Oilybia paid cash in MAD. Price in Australian Dollar per Gallon. Avgas is the only remaining lead-containing transportation fuel. Fuel Prices provided by AirNav. The price of aviation fuel is averaged over 3,251 number of FBO's reporting fuel to us every 30 days. 95 U. avgas price

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